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March 22 – 24, 2020
Connected Communities Collaborative is excited to present CityLaunch 2020.

This year’s theme is “Transportation for the Smart City” offering three conference tracks: Mobility as a Service (MAAS); the first ever Smart Mobility Certification for Traffic Engineers; and Data/Open Data – including cyber security and more. Whether you’re new to smart cities or you’re well on your way to becoming a connected community, CityLaunch will help get you to the next level.

3 Tracks
Mobility as a Service (MAAS)
Mobility as a Service (MAAS)

Sessions will focus on the Future of Mobility, Autonomy, IoT, MAAS, ITS, 5G, CAV and what it all means, Parking Systems and new advancements, Electrification of Transportation and much more.

Data/Open Data/Privacy
Data / Open Data / Privacy

Sessions will focus on how to handle connectivity and ‘Big Data’, protecting data to keep cities moving forward, cyber security, successful technology and gaining widespread public appreciation and adoption of Smart Mobility initiatives, limiting liability for cities and the ‘Next’ Operating System for Smarter Mobility.

Smart Mobility Certification for Traffic Engineers

Smart Mobilty Certification

Training sessions will focus on System Reliability, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Leveraging Investments and Funding Smart Mobility. Discuss concepts of resiliency, redundancy and reliability for Smart Mobility systems, review the current state-of-the-art in ITS and how it fits within the framework of an overall Smart Mobility ecosystem, review funding sources both traditional and non-traditional necessary to accelerate towards a Smart City, and highlight best practices and methods for vendor engagement and evolving technology in a way that doesn’t overwhelm cities to achieve the goal of a smarter world.

This information-packed conference will showcase new solutions and explore how smart mobility is reshaping our cities. Hear from experts on how to accelerate and take advantage of mobility products and services all designed to help tackle urban mobility challenges faced by cities and economies, large or small. Learn how your city can become more intelligent by investing in smart city initiatives to increase road safety for automobile drivers by optimizing traffic management with live data insights.

Traffic Engineers can register up for our Smart Mobility Certification program and learn how leveraging existing investments can help reduce the overall cost of becoming a Smart City.

CityLaunch is about more than smart cities, it’s about bringing leading innovators and technologists together with city leaders to create a digital future accessible for all.


Private Sector:

Early Bird $750 | Regular $950

Government Sector:

Early Bird $500 | Regular $600

Smart Mobility Training and Certification:

Connected Communities Collaborative will be offering 6 hours of training/coursework during the CityLaunch 2020 conference in order to become Smart City certified. Attendees will need to attend the 6 hours of coursework and take an online exam within a week of the conference. There will be an additional fee of $125 for course materials and testing. Attendees will need to register for the conference and pay the additional fee in order to take the test to become certified.

Testing & Materials $125

About Our Organization

Connected Communities Collaborative is a 501c(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping local governments strategically integrate and leverage technological innovation to enhance economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and quality of life. Technology is bringing rapid change in many sectors including personal mobility, transportation, land-use, wireless, goods-movement and more. Connected Communities Collaborative works to give local governments the strategies, tools and training they need to take advantage of connected and smart city technologies.

Connected Communities Collaborative is financially supported through grants and sponsorships, and from revenues generated from the annual CityLaunch conference.

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What People are Saying

“The inaugural City Launch Conference brought the country’s top leaders together who are building smart and connected communities to better collaborate especially as we see cities taking more regional and people centric policy approaches to technology. With the partnerships forged I am excited to see the success to follow.” 

Rhonda Binda

Co-Founder, Venture Smarter &
Executive Director, Smart Regions Initiative

“CityLaunch had a unique and intriguing process for ensuring all were able to benefit from the experience of the participants. It was refreshing to take part in a process that respected the collective wisdom of those in the room and used that resource to create a set of actions steps that may help to address hard to solve problems. I will certainly be participating again next year!”

Deborah Socia

Executive Director, Next Century Cities

“Great group of attendees and speakers. Collaborative format with opportunities to develop actionable plans for my city and meet peers. Terrific event; I will be back in 2020.”

Bob Bennett

Chief Innovation Officer, Kansas City

“I was very impressed with the level of interest attendees had.”

Ryan Snyder

Principal, Transpogroup

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