Hardik Bhatt
Smart Cities & Mobility, Amazon Web Services
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Dr. Michal Ziv-El
National Science Foundation
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Jason Anderson
Cleantech San Diego
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Melissa Medina
Internet Education Foundation
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Rondella Hawkins
Director – City of Austin
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Santiago Garces
Pittsburgh Department of Innovation
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Dennis Gakunga
City of Chula Vista
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Tracy Colunga
City of Long Beach
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Almis Udrys
Office of the Mayor of San Diego
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Mari Silbey
Director Communications US Ignite
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Kamran Saddique
Executive Director of City Innovate
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Calvin Gladney
President and CEO, Smart Growth America
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Nishal Mohan
President of MOHUMAN
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Leah Wiggs
Program Director City Innovate
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Amardeep Prasad
Director of Partnerships, Office of Civic Innovation
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Lea Deesing
Assistant City Manager
at City of Riverside

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Jay Nath
Executive Director
of City Innovate

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Deb Socia
Executive Director
Next Century Cities

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David Graham
Chief Innovation Office
City of Carlsbad

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Ben Levine
Executive Director of Metrolab
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Jim Madaffer
President and CEO, Madaffer Enterprises
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Benefits and Conditions of Engagement

The Connected Communities Collaborative (CCC) 2019 CityLaunch Conference offers the following benefits and expectations for speakers and moderators. We hope all of our speakers and moderators will consider absorbing their preparation and travel costs as a contribution to the industry, as the event is hosted by Connected Communities Collaborative (CCC), a non-profit organization.

Complimentary Benefit


One 3-Day General Registration (Sunday – Tuesday) – includes general and breakout sessions and exhibits. Ticketed Events are separate.

   Download a fillable CityLaunch Speaker/Moderator Hotel Reservation Form

Audio Visual & Handouts

Audio Visual Equipment

A laptop computer, projection screen, wireless microphone, laser pointer, projector, and internet will be provided. Presentation from your own laptop is possible, but must be communicated prior. You must indicate on the next page if you plan to use PowerPoint (refer to the attached PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines).

Handouts (Deadline February 15, 2019)

Handouts must be relative to the presentation and cannot be marketing materials for products or services. Speakers may procure hand- outs at their own expense, in advance of the conference, and may place the handouts on tables located in the back of the session room. Alternatively, we encourage speakers to post their handout on their website and provide the audience with the web address. Please submit your handouts to jenny@connectedcc.org.

Conditions of Engagement

Photos, Audio & Other Recordings

An audio recording will be made of your presentation for sale as a service of the conference as provided by the CCC CityLaunch Conference contractor. CCC may also authorize media representatives to take a photo, and conduct a brief audio or video recordings of portions of the sessions. Only the CCC may authorize photos, audio or video recordings of any presentation, speaker or attendee. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to a photo release at the discretion of CCC and the conference.

Copyright and Music License Disclaimer

All copyrighted or other legally protected material including images must be acknowledged and with permission obtained in advance as required by law and it is the speaker’s sole responsibility to do so. This pertains to all forms of media (print, audio, video, etc.). No music may be included in any presentation format as the CCC does not pay the music licensing fees that would be required. The CCC will not assume liability for any required copyright or legal reproduction acknowledgments that are disregarded. For your protection and that of the CCC, you are expected to comply with all copyright and other related laws as a condition of speaking.

If you obtain permission for any reproduction used in your presentation, you must provide a copy of the permission granted to the CCC well in advance of the conference dates. Material (including images) obtained on the Internet does not exclude necessity to obtain permission from the author to use it. Internet sources do not automatically constitute open public access for usage. The CCC reserves the right to cease a slide show or other presentation component that is identified as violating these requirements and with associated liabilities.

Reimbursable Benefits Conditional Upon Speaking

Please download the Reimbursable Form using the link below and submit receipts for reimbursement in U.S. Dollars of any items listed, along with the completed Speaker/Moderator Expense Form no later than APRIL 12, 2019.

  Click here to Download the Reimbursable Benefits Form

Responsibility for Statements, Advice and/or Opinions

The CCC is not responsible for statements, advice or opinions given by speakers and/or contained in session materials. Any such statements, advice or opinions solely represent the views of the authors, program speakers or the persons to whom they are credited, are not statements, advice or opinions of the CCC and are not in any way binding on the CCC. Each author and/or speaker is solely liable and responsible for any such statements, advice or opinions.

Promotion of Product or Service (including handouts)

It is a policy of the CCC, that all speakers or moderators participating in the program present information and supporting visual aids that are in no way a marketing or promotional presentation of any product or service that serves the interest or betterment of the speaker or his or her affiliates. Speaker further understands that each session moderator has been instructed to end the particular presentation if this policy is disregarded.

Benefits and Conditions of Engagement

Please fill out the PowerPoint Presentation Form and the Acceptance Form below. You can also download a fillable PDF and email to jenny@connectedcc.org.

  Click Here to Download a Hard Copy of the Benefits and Conditions of Engagement

PowerPoint Presentation

Acceptance Form